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What Is a Dual Sport Tour?

Its dual terrain, road and off road combined but on dirt bikes fitted with all terrain tyres. It offers the best of both road riding and off road.

Who rides a dual Sport Tour?

People looking to see more of Thailand and who are good on road but not so experienced off road.

What's the off road like?

Not as full on as our dedicated dirt bike tours but we can alter it on the fly to suit most peoples ability by adding more or less dirt if needed.

How about if I find I can't do the dirt?

No worries. You need to be a competent road rider to do these tours so if your dirt riding is not so hot, we can alter the tour into a road trip without issues.

More Faq's...

For more faq's on Dual Sport tours please see our Enduro Faq's


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Group Bookings?

We offer great group booking rates but you need to contact us before you book to get the best rates.

New To Off Road?

We have tours designed for experienced riders with little or no off road experience. Get on the dirt!

Non Riders

Your non riding family and friends can follow the group on a parallel tour in our support vehicle!


Customise A Tour

If you don't see a tour that suits you contact us and we'll put something together that fits your needs exactly.