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Do you provide Riding Gear?

We do have some available but in limited sizes and quantities. To ensure comfort we suggest to bring your own.

Can I buy riding gear in Chiang Mai?

Yes but you will need to arrive in time to do this. Store hours are Monday to Saturday 8am -5pm.

Should I pack light?

Bring what you like to Thailand but we do ask that you also bring a smaller bag to take essentials with you on tour. Anything you don't need can be stored safely in the hotel for your return.

Does the support truck follow us off road?

No! Many of the trails we use are only suitable for dirt bikes and 4x4's on this terrain can be painfully slow. The truck carries your bags and meets us every evening.

Why don't you use better more powerful dirt bikes?

Bikes not made in Thailand are super expensive so we wouldn't be able to operate are tours at the price we do. The trails we ride need a bullet proof bike and the Kawasaki's and Honda fit the job perfectly. The last thing you want in the jungle is a temperamental super bike!

How big are the group sizes?

The maximum sizes are usually 8 riders plus our crew but if you're bringing a bigger group and all the same ability we can take more.

What are the group rates?

We offer great deals if you are coming in a group. Contact us and give us some info and we will sort a deal for you.

What is the danger aspect?

Biking is dangerous we all know that but your holiday will involve fantastic riding that will challenge you at times without pushing the danger level too high and you visiting the inside of an ER room.

I'm worried about my off road ability?

If you can handle a road bike with ease we have tours designed exactly for people like you. Dual terrain with coaching along the way. You'll love it.

Can novice riders join your tours?

Total motorcycle novices no. You need to be experienced riders. See the question above for novice dirt riders.

Whats the accommodation like?

Great! We ride in rural areas with very little infrastructure so accommodation is limited, don't expect bell hops and concierge service but we have chosen great places, clean, comfortable and unique to the area.

Can I have a private room and not sharing?

You can pay single supplement for Chiang Mai city accommodation and also when out on tour but with bigger groups we ask that you share if possible as accommodation is limited where we ride.

Why don't you supply evening meal into the tour price?

Financially its better for you that we don't as we have to estimate an average price for each person and usually a set meal will be ordered. Buy your own each night and you can eat as much or as little as you like and exactly to your own tastes. Food is very inexpensive in Thailand.

What else do I have to pay for on top the tour price?

Flights, travel insurance evening meals and drinks after the ride plus any personal expenses.

What if I damage the bike?

We are very flexible with minor damage. You will pay for mechanical damage if it was due to an accident. Minor damage such as scratches and scrapes are ignored. Any charge we make will be parts only at Kawasaki or Honda Thailand prices.

Should I arrange any extra accommodation?

Not really. In most cases we have arranged accommodation before and after the ride. If you are flying long haul and especially if your flight arrives late in the day we suggest to arrive a day earlier to relax bore the tour. During the booking process this option is available to you.

How do I get to Chiang Mai?

Chiang Mai is a one hour flight from Bangkok and downtown Chiang Mai is 15 minutes from the airport. We assist you from Chiang Mai airport.

I'm coming alone how do I get onto a group?

Contact as soon as possible tell us your riding ability and we will try and get you into a pre arranged group. If you book 6 months in advance you won't have any problem going a tour.

When is the best time to ride?

November through to February peak season and we book out quickly for then. The only time we don't operate dirt tours is August and September due to the heavy monsoons.


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Group Bookings?

We offer great group booking rates but you need to contact us before you book to get the best rates.

New To Off Road?

We have tours designed for experienced riders with little or no off road experience. Get on the dirt!

Non Riders

Your non riding family and friends can follow the group on a parallel tour in our support vehicle!


Customise A Tour

If you don't see a tour that suits you contact us and we'll put something together that fits your needs exactly.